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The story of Hillandale Reserve is truly a love story, one that began nearly 100 years ago. In 1922 the Taylor family acquired a beautiful lakefront parcel of land near Fletcher and North Rome Avenue and slowly, over the years, created their own little slice of heaven. They planted a large variety of citrus trees and built a thriving citrus grove on the land between Golden Trout Lake and Fletcher Lake.

Lev Taylor built his family’s home at Hillandale in the 1930′s and he, his wife Daisy and their young daugher Isobel, made their home at the white lakefront house which still remains on the property today. As young Isobel grew, so did her love for this enchanted sanctuary.

A new chapter of the Hillandale story was written when Isobel fell in love with Charles Hayes, a young officer in the Army. They met during World War II when Isobel was the Art Director at Maas Brothers in Downtown Tampa. When the war ended they were married in a simple ceremony at the Hillandale home. They moved into the quaint English Cottage next to her parents home. Charles became a director of Sunstate Builders Inc. and was instrumental in the creation of the “Original Carrollwood”. In time Isobel and Charles moved into the main house and lived out their days happily together.

Isobel spent over 70 years at her beloved Hillandale tucked away from the hustle and bustle of thriving Carrollwood. She treasured the unique and secluded parcel of land and her lakefront home and cottage. Even as the Carrollwood area continued to grow and develop around her, Hillandale remained her retreat from the world. It was Isobel’s sincere wish that the original homestead and cottage be lovingly preserved. They both now maintain a place of honor here.

You are invited to become a part of this very special community.

Come to Hillandale Reserve and let the next chapter begin.

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